Children  - (14 and under) - 4 looks.  $450 


If a Sibling (14 and under) is brought in at the same  time that sibling will have their rate reduced by $150. Package will be as the above children's package. 


Adults -   4 looks total (4 final - 8x10's photo shopped - color and contrast enhancement, skin softening (pore/skin clean up similar to what the other actor's photographers do), fly away hair reduction, flipper addition if needed - basic clean up, no features changes, or changes to bone structure, sorry) -  

Women, hair and makeup included (fresh/clean, evening) $650 

Men, no makeovers, $550

Men, one makeover (skin clean up, contouring, and hair), $600 

Taxes are included in the above fees.   


Reprints  - Rocket Repro. Please note their pricing. 


The Details:

 My space is located near Brentwood Mall, by the Lougheed station. It is a gorgeous high ceiling, naturally lit ballet studio.   

Actor’s Portraiture Shoots:  I normally shoot 200-250  frames depending upon your experience.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 




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