Awards and Whatnot...



B.A. in Economics from UBC, 

B.Ed from SFU, 2009.

attended Vancouver's Focal Point for a year. 


Assistant Training:

office manager / 2nd assistant to Western Canada's top fashion photographer, Howard Fry (Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, Woodwards), 2 years f/t.

assistant to Michelle Smith (Pacific Center, Capital Records), 6 months p/t.


Television Appearances:

1st commercial shoot, and yes, it was televised,  Fyzal Virani, VU news. (1992)

Wall Center presentation with agents from the Uomo, Milan, Excel Talent, Vancouver, and Ford Model and Talent, Canada. Audience of  700, Shaw cable. (1997)

Finished works, Metropolis account, aired across Canada on the CBC. (1997)



both awards were given to our graphics designer, Tom O'Quinn as he entered our works.

Western Magazine Award, client Nick Gilder, Best Artist Identity - poster, CD cover. L. Mastromonaco photography. (1998)

Full page write up / honorable mention award, Applied Arts Magazine, client L. Mastromonaco, Best self Identity - stationary design, business cards, 5x7 promotional piece. Photography by L. Mastromonaco.(1998)



BC Tel, BBDO/DDB, 40 - 80 within BC. (1995)

Alaska Telephone Company. (1997)

Planet Superstar. (1998)

Eaton's Center Metropolis, 120+ within BC, 320+ bus shelters, 3 skytrains. (1997, billboards up in the mall until 2006)

Set 2, Eaton's Center Metropolis, 40+ within BC, 80+ bus shelters. (2003)






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