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Langara and Simon Fraser University Courses. 


Simon Fraser University, Interactive Arts and Technology

Jan. 2015 -April 2015 

   Please note this course takes effort.  There will be  reading, assignments, lab presentations and  Lynda.com studies which will amount to approximately  5-12 hours per week on top of your lab and lecture - this includes readings.  Take the course if you are in need of an artistic outlet or have an interest in photography. 

  You will have 4  journals, 2 presentations and  5 batches of work to hand in. What is a batch? A number of photographs that are at the very minimum -  magazine or stock agency quality. Your final portfolio needs to capture the attention of art directors, ad agents and/or  magazine editors. Both your TA and I  will help you with your final portfolio as we plan to hold 1:1 meetings with each of you during Weeks 10-12.   During those meetings we'd like to go over simple strategies to help improve your grade.  Your  portfolio is worth 30% of your final grade and the final exam is worth 20%.  A review session will be held during the Week 13 lecture. There are no midterms for this course.   


Langara College, Continuing Education Photography Certificate Program

Please check the College Brochure as there are pre-requisites to get into the two year program, as well as, pre-requisites for my two courses

Basic People Photography

This is the 11th  time I have offered this course and will never forget the fears and frustrations my previous students had about directing and working with talent. These were the questions thrown around, Day 1, Hour 1... 

  • What do you say? 

  • How do you say it? 

  • What if you're not getting the right reaction? What if I say something stupid??

  • What do I look for in a great people photo? 

  • I'm too shy, what should I do about it?  

  • What if I just come across as nervous and not know what I'm doing? 

  • What if I mess up?

     The questions are endless and with that in mind, I've built this course around student concerns... 

     Students will receive a 14  page course outline which will include rubrics, expectations, assignment themes, due dates and a weekly synopsis. We will look at the basics in  portraiture, fashion, ad campaign, corporate and music photography. 

     Students will have 7 assignments of which, 4 will be in studio, 3 at home. There will be a final exam to satisfy those who have linear needs.  

     Early on we will start  with a two minute directional exercise to help students get over their self-imposed fears in working with talent. We will then look at  on camera flash usage, appropriate exposure readings, skin tone evaluations and the positioning of talent to meet scientific beauty standards. Students will learn my 15 point check system on what makes a great people photograph; a system  based on 20 years worth of personal feedback from award winning art directors, fashion editors, model and talent agents, musicians and record companies.  

     Studio sessions will have the following themes: comedy, beauty, music, and sports. 

       Students will be assessed in a variety of ways: student to student feedback and assessment, self assessment, instructor feed back and assessment. Students will receive close to a full page assessment per each 3-6 images handed in, and a why, is answered for each mark given.   


Fashion Photography

This course requires 6+ photography course pre requisites.  

     We will once again start this course with the two minute directional exercise to help students get over their fears with directing talent. From there, we will look at the history of fashion photography, the fashion crew, fashion lighting, skin tone and positioning to meet scientific beauty criteria for catalogue and editorial. We will also look at futuristic trends and brainstorm  ideas for individual student  promo pieces. We will further expand our lighting and photo shop knowledge to encompass any trends that do not follow   classical fashion and beauty photography.  

    On the business front, we will look at who, how, when and why  hire specific talent for various projects. Students will learn effective quoting techniques and practice interviewing skills to get that job. 

   Artistically, we will have 6-7 themed photo sessions, studio or location, involving makeup and hair, styling and talent.  We will have 15-20 check points in assessing your works. These check points are based on the feedback  I have received from senior creative directors, art directors, fashion editors and model agents over the past 20 years as an award winning photographer. In the end, students will learn to use these during every photo session.  

   A final exam is part of this course as students need to have effective problems solving skills for real world application.

    We  will again have student to student assessments, self assessments and a full page assessment from your instructor for each project handed in. 

   Our guest speaker for this class will be Dusty Rhodes of Charles Stuart International...this course is usually offered in the Summer months.